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Victim stories

On 20th of November 2018, Elsa Rotterdam and Elsa Amsterdam visited ICC, International Criminal Court. 

“We started the day by gathering the group at the main entrance where the flags of all the states that ratified the Statute of Rome are in a row on two sides of a reception. These States have pledged to implement the rules of the ICC and abide them. It was a great learning moment to imagine that the power of 123 states together is much bigger than the power of 1 state only. The individuals of these states can face a trial for their horrible deeds, if they are found guilty of course!! (Presumption of innocence, unless proven guilty: of course!)

Victim stories

The first activity we did after we were welcomed was going around a platform to hear stories from the victims about their past and watch short videos about the structure and work of the ICC. After this self learning moment through the videos, we attended a presentation that explained the work and structure of the ICC in detail. We learned furthermore what the ICC is doing with the mandate they received from the countries; they are for example very much focused on the two phases before a case is opened: the preliminary examination and the investigation. Also, there are four grounds an individual can be found guilty of: war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity and crime of aggression.

After the very informative presentation, we attended a hearing of the ICC which entailed a case of human rights violation in Africa.

Want to join?

That was basically a quick sum up of the very interesting visit to the ICC. At last, we also learned that there are a lot of opportunities as a student to join the ICC and learn a lot more about the international aspects of the crimes committed across the border, for example an internship.

So if you guys are interested in these kind of informative, learning and interesting events, please keep the pages of the Elsa groups in check to not miss an oppurtunity like this!”

Geschreven door Sumeyra Arslan, Vice President Academic Activities ELSA


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